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At Plymouth Family Physicians, S.C., we strive to provide our patients with quality healthcare. Our practice is dedicated to improving the health and well being of our patients. This goal is best served by preventing illness, not just treating it. Our logo represents this philosophy. "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." If you only read one page on our web site, please read about being Partners in Health!

History of Plymouth Family Physicians, S.C.

Plymouth Family Physicians began in 1985 in a portion of the original Plymouth Hospital, now known as the Brickbauer Building. We began with a staff of two and gradually increased our staff as our practice grew.

Plymouth Family Physicians Office Building

With the closing of Valley View Medical Center in 2006 we began admitting patients to either Sheboygan Memorial Medical Center or St. Nicholas Hospital.

After two years of research into electronic medical records we invested in the necessary hardware and software and in June 1998, we began exclusive use of electronic charting using “Practice Partner”.  Since then we have participated in a series of primary care research projects through the associated Practice Partner Research Network.

In early 2000 we purchased the old Plymouth Clinic building that had been under multiple nonmedical uses since 1988. We remodeled, repaired and packed, finally completing our move to the “new" facility in May 2000.

No Working Relationship With Drug Companies 

We have never participated in direct pharmaceutical company activities and as providers, we have never met with ‘drug reps’. We have ceased to accept free sample medications and have never allowed our staff to accept gifts or other ‘freebies’ from ‘drug reps’.

Get to Know Your Healthcare Providers

This practice is dedicated to high quality healthcare, controlling healthcare costs. If you are reading this, you probably know us to a certain extent. For example, we are from the midwest, have a family and are raising our children here. However, you might not know our educational and medical backgrounds. Visit our background page to learn more regarding our schooling and prior medical experience.

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